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Creating holds

I found this article in the Climbing business journal titled "Shaping the industry" and thought I would share. Most people who stand at the bottom of a route in their local gym may not even think about what goes into the various routes that they climb on any given day. There is so much creativity that goes into each one. Each route-setter pulls from a large variety of holds to try to make a route that is both fun and challenging. Each hold allows the setter to move his creation forward in a different way. I know for me personally - The more thought that I have to give a problem the better I feel when completing it. The problems I enjoy the most are not those that are the most difficult but rather those that take creative thinking to solve them. The creativity of these routes is only limited to the holds that are available to the setter to use. I have shaped quite a few holds for my home wall and I marvel at the thought, engineering and work that goes into the huge variety of holds that exist today. Each and every one of them was shaped by an individual with you, the climber , in mind! I am in awe of those who paved the way in the industry in the early days. How exciting and how awesome to be able to be the creative force behind something of that size! If you have a couple minutes – this article is definitely worth the read!

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