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A passion for all things climbing

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Hello and thank you for visiting my shop. My name is Nathan and I am a rock climbing enthusiast living in Pittsburgh, PA. I love being outside to camp and hike and scramble over rocks. 

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I got serious about climbing a couple years ago and now I can't get enough. The cups are borne out of a desire to climb all the time, even when you are drinking your morning cup of joe.
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I hope that they bring as much enjoyment to you as they do me. Climbergoods is a little place put together by myself and my wonderful wife in our home in Pittsburgh, PA.  Our side garage has become the main project room for us to work on things.   Most days it is filled with some type of dust in the air while we are either sculpting or sanding something for the shop or for a side project.   I hope you enjoy our mugs and other items!

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