The "Jug"gernaut climbing mug - 16 ounce

The newest addition to our lineup of climbing mugs has a capacity of 16 ounces.  Perfect for those days when climbing that route requires additional fuel!!   

We are calling this mug:   'The Jug-gernaut' ,as the hold is larger than our other holds and similar in style to the 'jugs' found on most easy routes.   The climbing hold is a brand new design and is similar in texture and feel to all of our other climbing mugs.  Each of our designs are first shaped  in foam and then molded with silicone in order to allow for hand casting.  Each hold is then made to order with the highest quality poly-urethane. 

The 16 ounce mug weighs in at nearly 1 pound (before the liquid of your choice) so we know it will create a fun challenge in your morning routine.  To ensure you get the best experience on your "morning climb" make sure you chalk up first   ; )


Current color choices include orange, green, blue, purple, pink and black!


As with our other mugs the following disclaimer applies:  "While the handle is suitable for gripping and drinking from, one does so at their own risk and upon purchasing the product, the buyer assumes all risk and responsibility for slippage, breakage or potential defect as a result of shipping, manufacturing or other unseen causes."

The "Jug"gernaut climbing mug - 16 ounce


    • Climbing Hold handle!  
    • 100% handmade
    • Ships  from Pittsburgh, PA
    • Materials: ceramic, Polyurethane, stainless steel
    • Reviews - 99% -5 star ratings
  • Shipping from Pittsburgh, PA in 1-2 business days

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